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Welcome to the home of Punting in Cambridge

The Punting Company is a Cambridge based punting company that operates on the River Cam, running punt tours along the College Backs of the University of Cambridge. The Punting Company was founded by local Cambridge residents with the mandate to provide a luxury fleet of punts available to the public for self hire and guided punting tours.

An unparalleled punting experience at an unparalleled price!

The River Cam is being increasingly frequented by punts and punting companies, especially during the summer. For a more relaxed tour and punting experience, The Punting Company offers punt tours to the poet, Rupert Brooke's village of Grantchester, which can be arranged using our online booking form.

Our experienced punt chauffeurs have an abundant knowledge of Cambridge and punting, which makes them the perfect tour guides; they guarantee to have you smiling throughout the whole tour, and teach you a thing or two you didn't know about Cambridge and punting.

The Punting Company is one of the few punting companies in Cambridge that offer online booking. Using our online booking form, you can pre-book a self hire punt or a chauffeured punt tour for a fixed price.

For information on Booking and Prices for our punts click here

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