Traditional Punting Company

The Traditional Punting Company is a small independent punting tour operator licensed by both the Cambridge City Council and the River Cam Conservancy. We are located at the corner of Jesus Green, in the Heart of Cambridge historic centre.

Started by a Cambridge local who recognised the need for a punting company that focuses on providing a personal service and a unique experience, to all who visit or live in Cambridge. The company grew from a single punt, built by the owners father intended for leisure and family days out. What started as lazy summer days on the River Cam, soon became a love for showing others what the stretch of river known as the “College Backs” has to offer. Now with a small fleet of wide beam mahogany punts, the Traditional Punting Company has become recognised by tourists and locals as a provider of exceptional Punting tours in Cambridge.

Punting Cambridge

All of our tour guides are carefully selected to join our team, and all have a great wealth of knowledge. The team strive to delight every customer with stories, anecdotes and facts about the creation of Cambridge University. As well as it’s wonderful architecture and the scholars that have roamed its halls at one stage or another.

We operate our tours all year round and with the change of the seasons come different delights to behold. Whether it is the transformation of the leaves colour on the Virginia creeper at St John’s College in autumn. Or the frosty lawns in front of Kings College Chapel in the winter. Our tours will be sure to leave you in awe at the majesty of this wonderful ‘University Town’, whenever you decide to take a trip with us.

Punting in Cambridge

All of us at the Traditional Punting Company would like to take this chance to recommend our favourite tour for punting on the River Cam. It is by unanimous vote that our favoured time on this beautiful river is between the months of June and August after 6pm for our evening punting tours.

It is at this time the hustle and bustle on the river begins too slow. The majority of visitors are now heading home for the evening and the river is now ‘still’. If you are lucky enough to have the time, it is now that you can truly enjoy the tranquil summer evening, with the calm water lapping at the front of the boat. What’s more the light at this time of day lends itself especially well to photographing the wonderful sights along the way. It is an exquisite time to see what punting and Cambridge is all about.

Visit our tour page to find out more about our availability and prices throughout the year and we hope to see you soon on one of our traditional punt tours.


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