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Cambridge Pride 2019

Posted by on June 12th, 2019.

The first ever Cambridge Pride

There was definitely a rainbow on the 8th of June when the heavens opened and people flocked to Cambridge in the brightest clothes that they owned for the first ever Cambridge Pride. More than 5,000 people where estimated to have celebrated this amazing event in Cambridge, with around 150 performers making it an unforgettable day. 

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Pride River Parade

The event kicked off at 11am with a beautiful punting flotilla on the River Cam, with boats decorated with the most elaborate costumes, flags and adornments. Even though the rain tried to dampen the mood on the day, it did not ruin anyones spirits. Young, old, straight, bisexual, gay and transgender came together to support the unity and diversity of this community.

Even though there are various sights to see on the River Cam, never before has this historic river seen such beautifully vibrant decorated punts in the first ever Pride River Parade. Each punt resembled a different colour of the pride flag which had been designed with the help of a local artist.

Cambridge Pride, Visit Cambridge, Cambridge Events, Pride

There were even smaller parades taking place around the city. Though they might not of been part of the official program, it appeared that the party atmosphere and joy quickly unfurled throughout the city. 

After the Pride River Parade there were some amazing acts that took to the stage at Jesus Green from midday onwards. Ranging from pop groups like Big Brovaz and Booty Luv, and dance shows from the punk band and lemondaze. There was also a children’s area, an activity zone, a youth tent (which included a variety of workshops like the ‘Rubber Duck’) and a community lounge for people to meet and socialise, and provide a platform for advocacy and advice. It was a well thought-out event to celebrate and help break down barriers and build social inclusion.

, Visit Cambridge, Cambridge Events, Pride

The rain did not stay for the entire day, and at around mid-afternoon the weather cleared to allow the festivities to continue especially by Dee Ajayi who gave everyone a reason to dance along to her songs. The greatest challenge of the day was finding a person that wasn’t supporting the pride colours in one way or another, peoples costumes certainly made it a spectacle to behold. 

Pride Cambridge

With approximately 15,300 people identifying as LGBT in Cambridgeshire, this Pride event has definitely brought the community closer. Pride plays a big role in promoting self acceptance and esteem by strengthening peoples confidence through information and being a part of something. Thats why these events bring people together and provides a platform for this community to help fight discrimination.   

, Visit Cambridge, Cambridge Events, Pride