Corporate Punting Tours

    At the Traditional Punting Company, we pride ourselves on our traditional punts, well trained punt chauffeurs and a variety of tour packages specially tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Thus, almost everyone who has gone punting in Cambridge with us has been delighted with unique services. One of our most sought after punting Cambridge tours is our corporate punting package. This package is a like a corporate paradise and it entails everything you need to make your corporate retreat a success.  First of all, just punting upstream on River Cam is a soothing experience that will quickly get your corporate members in a relaxed mood. Our punt chauffeurs will take them on a trip that will involve either the artificial (Gothic styled college buildings) or the natural (the meadows and surrounding countryside Grantchester). Upon arriving in Grantchester, other activities can be arranged based on your preferences. Some of our past corporate clients have enjoyed a wide variety of team building games both on the river and on the large open places in the village of Grantchester (about four kilometres away from Cambridge). After some games, the teams can enjoy lunch and wash it down with some cold refreshments in one of the many bistro pubs in the village.

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