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Cambridge Dinky Doors

Finding wonders while wandering.

Posted by on January 9th, 2020.

Wonderful Dinky Doors

We believe that it is about time to praise one of our favourite original pieces of art around Cambridge. Therefore our highlight goes to the ‘Dinky Doors’. Although they’ve been around for a while, we’ve only recently spoted them all. In fact, we consider relevant to share our opinion about such a unique local project.


As far as we know the Dinky Doors emerged from a, still to remain an anonymous couple, who acknowledge themselves on an ‘unexpected mission to save the world’. Not only we consider this to be such an inspiring act of kindness within our city. As we consider it to be an extraordinary way of finding ‘wonders while wandering’ around our historic town center.


There’s a whole new world behind each dinky door!


Each of their handmade doors tells a different, although equally, extraordinary story. However, those 8 doors, are notably turning our city into a delightful place to live in. In spite of being able to find their locations on the ‘Dinky Doors’ website, we highly recommend you to try to spot them while strolling around town. It is, evidently impressive the amount of people who are delighted by finding them!


For instance the ‘Teleport-o-Matic’ exchanges pennies for teletransportation, meanwhile the ‘Emailerator’ ensures that your parcels will be fast and certain to arrive. Then the ‘Dinky 10 and a quarter Door’ shows how the balance of normality can be restored, whereas the ‘Love from Above’ door reinforces that everyone should set aside their differences while switching their focus to love.

Moreover, the ‘Wonder Emporium’, which is an establishment where all the misplaced or perhaps lost items in our lives are stored. Meanwhile, the ‘Post Door’ at the reality checkpoint lamp, is able to post you some personalised and lovely scribbled postcards. Following up the ‘DFO’, most commonly known as the ‘Dinky Flying Object’ which has crashed into the main entrance of the Museum of Technology.

Finally the ‘Ride and Park, Wandlebury Country Park’ which is the closest door of our landing punting station. As an example of how hard it is to park in Cambridge, this disable accessible door is the best idea for a stress-free visit to Cambridge. In other words, by using this door you should go on a pleasant ‘ride’ to find a ‘park’ of wonders.


How can we contribute, helping this project?


To support their project, the creators of the Dinky Doors suggest us to become ‘Patreon’. In other words, this role means a way of supporting, meanwhile symbolically sponsoring, such creative and magical project. Thus, every ‘dinky donation’ reverts to the coverage of expenses of material and time spended making such incredible doors.

Despite this, becoming a ‘Patreon’ also gives you the advantage of being the first to find out about the release of new doors and their respective locations. As well as taking part in the creative process, by sharing ideas for new fantastic doors to an extraordinary and hopefully not too distant dimension of a wonderful world.

Overall, we hope that by spreading the word about the Dinky Doors, we have also become world savers ourselves too. Keep it up with your extraordinary way to brighten up our strollers around the city center. Thank you Dinky Doors!