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    If you are the romantic type or if you just want some time out alone with a loved one, then our evening tours package is really the option you should go for. Punting in Cambridge in the evening is not only romantic but it also gives you the ability to see the River and the surrounding buildings in a whole new and breathtakingly beautiful perspective. Our evening tours package includes you and your loved one being picked up in a special punt. This punt is candlelit and can include refreshments such as Champagne on ice. Our punting chauffeurs will make sure that you and your partner enjoy your tour of the college backs and the University of Cambridge. At the Traditional Punting Company, we are all about creating memorable experiences that our clients will never forget and our evening punting Cambridge tour package is definitely one of the top ways that we do this.

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    At The Traditional Punting Company, we suggest that evening punting tours really are a very different experience to the hustle and bustle of day time punting.

    (6-9pm departure)

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