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    Just about four kilometres outside the city of Cambridge is the picturesque village of Grantchester. This highlight of your Cambridge punting tour to this village is an opportunity to visit the home of Rupert Brooke, Cambridge’s most widely known poet. This tour takes about four hours in total and you will get to experience the English countryside like you never have before. From Meadows to idyllic forests and open farmlands, everything that you will see on your punting Cambridge tour will definitely amaze you. Our Grantchester Punting tour package has two alternatives. The first alternative involves a one-way trip to Grantchester which takes approximately one and a half hours. The second alternative – which we refer to as the full package – involves taking a round trip to and from the village of Grantchester (approximately four hours). In this alternative, our experienced punt chauffeurs will take you on a walking trip around the village which will include stopovers in a breathtaking tea orchard or around several Bistro pubs. Book now to enjoy this special punting Cambridge tour package.

    Grantchester Punting Tours


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