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    Cambridge is one of the best and most exciting bachelorette party destinations in the whole of the United Kingdom. In turn punting usually features in most visitors things-to-do lists. This has made Cambridge punting one of the top hen party activities in the UK and there is no better way to do this than by taking advantage of our hen party discount package. There are two ways you and your group could take a punting tour and both are private. First, you could go all out and pay for the full package which includes: boat decorations, balloons, and refreshments. Or you could have a slightly toned down party without any over-the-top decorations. Either way, our wide-beamed punts will guarantee everyone the space and the peace of mind to have fun. We do not have any strict regulations on alcohol. In fact, you could come with your own drinks if you prefer it that way.

    If you don’t have any plans after your Cambridge punting party, we could hook you up with our affiliates who know everything one needs to know about planning hen parties.

    Hen Party Punting Tour


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    Cambridge is one of the UK’s leading Hen Party destinations, and punting is top of the Cambridge activities. So it makes sense that every Hen Party that comes to Cambridge goes punting.

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