Large Groups Punting Tours


    If you are with a large group of people (perhaps your work colleagues, classmates or friends) we can provide you and your team with a once in a life time Cambridge punting tour. Our large fleet of punts allows us to take up to 168 passengers on a tour at the same time. With this package, you will not only get to enjoy the unforgettable experience of punting in Cambridge but you will also get a steep discount particularly at off-peak hours. And don’t be worried about how we will make your trip a success. Our team of punt chauffeurs have had years of experience taking such groups of both children and adults on tours around Cambridge. Our day-to-day interactions with event and tour companies and their clients have enabled us to learn how to handle large groups and to provide the best combination of education and entertainment on punting trips. In the ten years we have been in operation, we have seen how kids and young people get inspired to work hard and come to the University of Cambridge just by learning how unique the campus is and getting enchanted by the wonderful riverside college buildings. Needless to say, this package is perfect for students and other groups who want to learn interesting facts and stories about Cambridge University and its colleges. Book online now to enjoy this special punting Cambridge tour.