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Picnic Punting Cambridge

Posted by on June 26th, 2019.

Picnic Punting Cambridge

We are very happy to announce a new picnic punting cambridge option for our customers, to add to our private chauffeured punt tours this summer.

As most people will find coming to England, there are a few things that are very traditional to Britain, and these should definitely be experienced when you visit a historic place like Cambridge. One of those things is punting (of course!). Rated one of the top activities to do in our ‘University Town’, our traditional chauffeured tours provide customers with a fantastic guided experience through the ‘College Backs’, on our luxurious punts (with additional cushions for your comfort). It is a Cambridge staple and has been part of student’s and locals lives for decades… Another thing that most people want to enjoy when they arrive in England is an Afternoon Cream Tea, which has been served in Britain since the 11th century.

Afternoon Cream Tea Picnic’s

We at the Traditional Punting Company are BIG on tradition and what a true English experience should entail. We feel that our new partnership with Harriets offers a piece of Cambridge history together with a British classic. This punting picnic option will be delivered on our private chauffeured tours, for you and your party to enjoy whilst you are glided pass the alluring College buildings that line the River Cam.

The picnics themselves are all homemade from Harriets Tearoom, here in Cambridge. Inside the picnics you will find finger sandwiches, with a selection of fillings, a freshly baked scone, with jam and cream, as well as a mini cake and macaroon all to be enjoyed on the river. Our traditional tours will leave you with a wealth of knowledge about Cambridge and its University, and the Afternoon Cream Tea will make you feel like the expert in the British debate as to whether the jam or the clotted cream goes on the scone first. Be careful depending which side you choose, you’ll either have the Cornish or Devon folk telling you otherwise.


Punting Picnics

By selecting this package, we take care of the organising and delivery of the picnic. All you will need to do is turn up at our check-in desk at La Mimosa, Cambridge at the time of your departure and your group will be shown to their private boat with the beautiful Harriets Afternoon Cream Tea picnics awaiting. It is a truly delightful experience…

This package will definitely be a highlight of your visit to Cambridge. If you want to find out more about this picnic punting experience then please click here.

We hope you have a wonderful summer with our punting in Cambridge packages.