Private Punting tours in Cambridge


    Group tours might be fun, but nothing is more exciting or more relaxing than a private Cambridge punting tour with a friend or a loved one. At the Traditional Punting Company, we understand this and that’s why we have made it our mission to provide you with the most romantic punting Cambridge tours on River Cam away from fast-paced city life. This personalized tour package ensures that you get to enjoy the undivided attention of our experienced punt guides. You could ask questions about everything you want to know and gain useful knowledge that might come in handy during your stay or tour of Cambridge. Thinking about refreshments? Do not worry. For a few extra pounds, we can organize cold drinks or even make a picnic for you and your loved one(s)!  Book now to enjoy punting in Cambridge.

    The more the merrier?

    If you are looking for something more fun and less personal, then we’ve got you covered. We offer a great discount for large groups. So tell a friend to tell a friend and come see what many locals and tourists can’t get enough of. Whatever, your number might be, we will ensure that you all get to enjoy the scenery as group.

    For those in a party of less than six, we have special rates. This private package was made with the family in mind. We wanted to make sure that you, your spouse and children and a few relatives can travel around together and later enjoy a personalised walking trip around town on a route that passes our city’s most famous eateries and pubs. Though, a little more costly than shared Cambridge punting tours, private tours come with the benefits of increased personalization and superior relaxation.

    Private Punting Tour Book Online Prices


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    Private tours are more expensive but you can dictate your departure time and customize your route.
    All prices are for a twelve person punt

    • Weekday – £80
    • Weekend – £109

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