Quarantine Team

What have we been up to?

Posted by on May 3rd, 2020.

Our team in Quarantine

During these challenging times, where everything seems to have stopped for an unknown period of time. We’ve noticed that we are all closer than we have ever thought we were. Now that our team are currently stuck inside their own homes, during this quarantine period, we have been making sure that we have not lost contact with each of our staff members. It seems like this connection, never before experienced, has bonded us closer as a team. We feel not only more connected but also a stronger. Apart, we stand together!

Our chauffeurs have come up with some fun and entertaining challenges for the rest of the team. They have found new ways to check upon one another, and they’ve shared some of these activities on their social media. It is a great way to recall memories of some special moments that our staff have spent working for the Traditional Punting Company and for Let’s Go Punting. Now is the time to share what we have all been up to recently!

Home (Fun) Activities

  • Run For Heroes

We couldn’t have been more proud to see our manager starting this challenge. The idea is that someone has to walk or run for 5km, take a selfie after their run, nominating 5 people to get involved and do the challenge themselves too. The best part of the 5,5,5 challenge is that everyone needs to donate £5 to the NHS. The fundraiser Run For Heroes, was originated in Edinburgh, by the Run for Heroes Instagram account set by Olivia Strong. Every donation is done through Virgin money giving, and each of them is a huge contribution to support NHS Charities Together.

  • Toilet Paper Challenge

Some of our team members have also joined the ‘Toilet Paper Challenge’. This was a challenge launched by some football stars. You have to grab a loo roll and juggled it/do keepie ups with it for a while, performing your best skills in front of the camera. Obviously our Super Chauffeurs gave their best performance, and we have to say outshone the footballers.

  • The Ultimate Punting Challenge

We all miss our days punting in Cambridge, along the River Cam and its beautiful scenery. So we have come up with the idea of developing a punting challenge. After brainstorming some ideas the final decision was to represent punting and the warm days we are missing out by staying locked indoors.

Therefore, the ultimate punting challenge consisted of gathering all of the individual videos of our team members ‘punting at home’, then getting drenched by a bucket of water, and then throwing another bucket of water to the ‘other staff member’. The final result couldn’t have been any funnier. We’ve put together this mini video of our own challenge online. We hope you like it and we ask if you could please try and support our business in anyway during this difficult time.

If you also miss our punting tours along the River, you could also record your own Punting Challenge and tag our Instagram account (@traditional_punting_company), we would love to see them and share them too.

So remember to respect the quarantine. Stay at home, for you and for you another. Together we will defeat this!

Keeping up with the team spirit!