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    Punting is the number one activity for tourists and locals

    There is no better and cheaper way to take in the scenic Cambridge punting sights than with a few friends. Our large-sized punts can take in up to 12 passengers on a punting tour around the University of Cambridge. On this trip you and your friends will get to enjoy a 45-minute punting Cambridge tour that will take you past renowned riverside University buildings such as the Chapel of King’s, King’s College, Trinity Hall, St John’s College, the Wren Library, Clare College and underneath bridges such as the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical Bridge.

    By booking your shared Cambridge punting tour online (in advance), you get a huge discount of up to 30 percent compared to booking physically at our central Cambridge office. The shared punts leave every thirty minutes from opening time to closing time. If you are coming alone, do not fret, we won’t charge you for the remaining seats – you will get to enjoy all the striking riverside features at no extra charge!

    All shared Cambridge punt tours start from Garret Hostel Bridge and end at the same location. Book now to enjoy a special punting in Cambridge tour.

    Our online ticket prices for this tour:

    Adults: £14

    Special prices (including OAPs, Students and Children between 12 and 18 years): £12

    Children under 12: £8 (Children under the age of one year are permitted to travel free)

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    Shared tour prices are for tours departing every 30 minutes throughout the day. The large punts sit up to a maximum of 12 persons and you will join other customers if you book this option.


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