Music on the River


We are delighted to announce that in collaboration with Let’s Go Punting, this year we are introducing four very special “Music on the River” events featuring five incredibly talented musicians with a variation of different music styles. 

Music on the River provides a great opportunity to spend time with others who have the same love for music as you. Regardless of the genre, this intermit event will leave you speechless as you immerse yourself in live music in one of the most beautiful locations; the ‘College Backs’. Your partner, friends and family will be amazed with such a unique experience, it is a gig like no other! 

Showcasing some incredible musical talent in breathtaking scenery.

The river provides the perfect acoustics, as you listen – and if you’re not too shy, sing along to catchy melodies that you may know – as your Chauffeur effortlessly glides you along the River Cam. 

Events will take place between 7.30pm – 9.00pm on 9 August, 23 August, 30 August and 9th September and punts will depart from the La Mimosa Landing Stage, CB5 8AQ.  During your tour, you will see seven Cambridge Colleges and 11 other famous sights. Cushions and blankets are supplied for your comfort, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a special trip on a beautiful summer night. 

What’s more we have also teamed up with the Punt and Pole, a floating bar offering the finest wines, Prosecco, beers and also soft drinks at an exclusive 20% off for our customers during these events. The Punt and Pole guys will be on hand with your drink requests during this amazing event from the next vessel.



Music on the River – Dates & Musicians


9th August – Max Bianco
Cambridge based Singer – songwriter – traveler – artist

Lead vocalist in the up and coming band Max Bianco And The Bluehearts

“Living a life of travelling, Rambling, Gambling with nowhere to go or be, life isn’t about standard, it’s about broken glass and cigarettes.”

Instagram: @maxibianco

Max’s bands Instagram: @maxbiancoandthebluehearts


23rd August – Ukulele Simon
Singing / Beatboxing Ukulele Entertainer

“Ever since I was small my mum always said that I was a natural entertainer so it was the only choice for me as a career path. I feel very lucky to be able to entertain people for a living and I enjoy every moment that I play music. I fell in love with the ukulele in my early 20’s after years of playing guitar and once I had played my first chord I was hooked. I have since continued my study of the ukulele and I now teach ukulele lessons to students of all ages.”

Instagram: @ukulelesimon


30th August  – Roswell
Harmony-obsessed Americana/ Folk Duo

“Hello! We’re Jasmine and Zoё, and together we are Folk/Americana duo Roswell. Roswell is a combination of our love of intricate vocal harmonies and acoustic music, and we hope you enjoy what we do.”

Instagram: @roswellbanduk


6th September – Joe Bailey
Cambridgeshire based Foot-stomping covers musician

“My repertoire is packed with a fresh mix of modern and classic hits, rhythmic guitar playing and diverse vocals will have everyone singing along.”

Instagram: @joebaileyweddingsinger


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9th August 2019 – Max Bianco, 23rd August 2019 – Ukulele Simon, 30th August 2019 – Roswell, 6th September 2019 – Joe Bailey


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