Wedding Punting Tours

    There is no better way to finish off a wedding ceremony in Cambridge, than with your guests waving you goodbye as you glide away into the moonlit waters or into the sunset. Our company prides itself as one of the pioneer wedding punting tour operators. We have helped many couples start off their marriages over the years and are eager to provide you with the same wonderful experience. For starters, we almost always find as much as we need to know about the wedding and then tweak our punts with matching decorations. We also arrange for cold refreshments on board which you can partake with your bride or bridegroom as you glide up-river towards the countryside. And that’s not all, we also decorate the landing points and offer our guests transport to their wedding receptions. There is no better way to sign off from your marriage ceremony, that to glide away as the wedding party watches from behind. Book now to give your loved one a wedding ceremony they will never forget. Book online now to enjoy this special punting Cambridge tour.