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Why Go Punting in Cambridge?

Posted by on April 25th, 2019.

Punting in Cambridge is a MUST!!… But Why?

Well firstly, it is one of the top activities to do whilst in the city for both tourists and locals. The river runs through Cambridge University campus, meandering around the pristine gardens and grandeur buildings that makes up each of the Colleges, as well as passing by some of the main social hubs in the city (Quayside and the Mill Pond area). So effectively, the river is the perfect location to see what Cambridge has to offer as a ‘University Town’.

Go Punting in Cambridge, Punting Cambridge, Chauffeured Punt Tours

Another reason for jumping onto a punt in Cambridge is down to the relaxing and tranquil ambience of the ‘College Backs’. Punting down the River Cam allows you to sit back and take in all the beauty that surrounds you. This might not be the case for the drivers on the back of the punt, but you can definitely enjoy a lazy trip on a chauffeured punt tour. However, you may also come across things that you didn’t realise you would on the River Cam, so make sure you don’t nod off and miss what is around you!!

Go Punting in Cambridge, Punting Cambridge, Chauffeured Punt Tours

Punting in Cambridge is a great way to brush up on your historical knowledge of Cambridge and its Colleges. Giving you a feel of what a student life would be like studying at these remarkable institutions, without the stress of exams… Punting is also a great activity to do as a couple, solo traveller or group. It is definitely an activity that brings people together. The punts themselves holds up to a maximum of 12 people, so there is no trouble fitting your entire family on the boat. It also allows you to meet various people from around the world, who have also chosen to come on a shared punt tour, to see Cambridges great sights. 

Go Punting in Cambridge, Punting Cambridge, Chauffeured Punt Tours

Another reason why so many people love to go punting in Cambridge is the chance to enjoy the magnificent scenery whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly or chomping down on a sweet treat. Food and drinks are allowed on our chauffeured punt tours, so why not bring some delicious goodies onboard to enjoy whilst you glide along the river. 

Go Punting in Cambridge, Punting Cambridge, Chauffeured Punt Tours

In all the river is beautiful and whatever the time of the year or day, the River Cam has something to offer. So it does not matter when you are visiting Cambridge, the river will never disappoint you on a chauffeured punt tour. 

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